Friday, June 5, 2009

How dare he.

This week some where over in the middle East Obama dared to compare the killing of millions of Jews in W.W.II to the situation of the Palestinians.

I'm sorry, but I do believe the Israelites were there first to be in that land and have not tried to massacre any of the Palestinians yet. Israel does not have gas chambers for the sole purpose of killing men, women, and children. They do not target civilians. they only defend themselves when they are attacked or as in the case of Iran take the necessary steps to stop them from building Nukes.

It is nothing more than you or I would do to protect our own families and neighbourhoods if gangs started moving in and harassing our children and our seniors. I would be the first on the street helping to put them out.

So Obama made clear we are No longer your Friend Israel, as far as allies go. I just hope that by the time he is gone and he will be,( weather it is four years or eight he will be gone) that Israel will still be standing strong. And of course because of my faith in God, I know Israel will be strong no matter what. Semper Fi


  1. The Arab world has abused and made use of the "Palestinians" for their own purposes for 60 years, using them as a poster child to "prove" Israel's mistreatment of their neighbors.

    When Israel became a nation in 1948, they invited (and begged) the Arab residents of Jerusalem and the area to stay--continue their commerce and residence--and be citizens along side them. They were encouraged to leave by Arabs.

    Once the Arabs left, their "managers" put the pressure on them to not return, gathering them in the pathetic and destitute "refugee camps" where they continue to abuse them and deprive them of normal living circumstances.

    With all of the wealth in the Arab world from oil and other commerce, they certainly have the wherewithal to provide emigration opportunities and economic relief "in place" the "Palestinian refugees"...but that would eliminate their most useful political hostage.

    "Palestinian refugees" are hostages of the Arab world, not of Israel. So, SO frustrating.

    Israel has some very rough days ahead. All the world will eventually gather against her...and then God Himself will "go up with a shout"--deliver her (and confront her one last time with His love and His claims) and destroy her enemies completely.

    America becomes less and less relevant in the international scheme of things in direct correlation to her refusal to support and defend Israel.

  2. Ezekiel 38 and 39 describe the armies gathering against Israel and God's response. This will occur prior to Christ's Second Coming when He comes TO the earth. In the Rapture, He does not set foot on the earth. The Rapture is, by definition, NOT the "Second Coming". Zechariah 14 (see vv. 1,2 if not the whole thing) describes the same scene as Ezek. 38, 39.

    As the enemies of Israel prepare, they will have no idea that they are gathering for their own destruction and will never lay a finger on Israel. God, as always, will deal effectively both with His nation Israel (as a matter of discipline and restoration--Zech. 14) and with her enemies (His terminal dealings with them).

  3. 'America becomes less and less relevant in the international scheme of things'...that should have been the "prophetic scheme of things"!:)